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RoHS II 2011/65/EC Statement

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS I) Directive restricted the use of the following substances in the maximum concentration values by weight of:

(1) Lead (Pb) (0.1%)
(2) Mercury (Hg) (0.1%)
(3) Cadmium (Cd) (0.01%)
(4) Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) (0.1%)
(5) Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) (0.1%)
(6) Polybrominated diphenyls ethers (PBDE) (0.1%)

in certain electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) since 1st July 2006.

On 1st July 2011 the recast of this Directive entered into force as RoHS II 2011/65/EC with Member states required to transpose the Directive into national law by 2nd January 2013.  The intent behind the recast Directive included aiding the development of better regulatory conditions, increasing the level of legal clarity (including harmonising RoHS with other EU legislation) and adapting the scope of the Directive to better prevent risks to human health and the environment.

All electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) placed on the market will be covered by the Directive with substance restrictions gradually being extended to new product categories from 22nd July 2014 and ending with the extension to all EEE (except those explicitly excluded) by 23rd July 2019.  The number of substances and maximum concentration values remain unchanged.

RoHS II is a CE marking Directive and requires, for finished EEE, the use of the CE mark to show compliance. The responsibility for placing the CE mark resides with the manufacturer.  For finished EEE where KSM is the legal manufacturer, KSM will affix the CE mark.  CE marking of RoHS II only applies to finished EEE within the scope of the Directive. The CE mark cannot be placed on products not in the scope of an EU Directive and therefore cannot be applied to component items such as connectors, hoods etc.

Bulk cable only comes within scope of the Directive as of 23rd July 2019.  The majority of bulk cable and components supplied by KSM comply with the substance restrictions of RoHS II as part of our work with RoHS I and can be incorporated into new EEE being placed on the market.  These items however will not contain any RoHS II compliance marking as KSM cannot know the compliance status of a customer’s finished product.  Items marked as RoHS Compliant placed on the market throughout the duration of RoHS I will be deemed to comply with the substance restrictions requirements of RoHS II.

This statement is given on the understanding that agreements or statements have been provided by our suppliers acknowledging their understanding and compliance with these regulations based upon the most current available information.  KSM will continue to work with our suppliers to ensure compliance of our products as they fall under the scope of the Directive and any revisions of the legislation.

Scott Armstrong
Purchasing Manager


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