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Unbranded Free Standing Floor Cabinets

High quality and cost effective alternative range of floor standing cabinets, with no brand names or other supplier details these are a popular choice for distributors wishing to rebrand the product.

Free Standing Floor Cabinet

This range of free standing floor communication cabinets are available as a standard rackmount cabinet 600mm deep and also as a server rack cabinet size of a 1000mm deep. These cabinets are high quality and cost effective 19” racks.

All doors and panels are lockable and removable giving all round access. Cable entry is from directly underneath or through knock out points in the rear of the built-in plinth.

Each rack mount enclosure comes complete with the following accessories:

  • 2 way roof mount fan tray
  • 2x shelves
  • 2x cable dump panels
  • Heavy duty castors
  • Leveling feet

Available in the following U Sizes:

  • 20U
  • 30U
  • 40U

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