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Unbranded Wall Cabinets

High quality and cost effective alternative range of wall cabinets, with no brand names or other supplier details these are a popular choice for distributors wishing to rebrand the product.

Hinged Wall Brackets

300mm Hinged Wall Brackets

The 19” wall bracket is 300mm deep and will fit many items such as patch panels and switches. It has one fixed and one hinged mounting profile, allowing easy fitting of 19" rackmount equipment which can then swing outwards on the hinge for access to the rear.

The removable lid and base plates allow for multiple units to be bayed together.

Available in sizes 2u, 3u, 4u and 6u.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

450mm Wall Mounted Cabinets

These industry standard design 19” wall mount data cabinets are of a 1.2mm mild steel construction.

Each cabinet comes with removable side panels and a glass front door, all lockable.

They are supplied with depth adjustable heavy-duty steel mounting profiles to take industry standard 19’’ patch panels, switches and other equipment.

The paint has a smooth finish, light grey in colour.

Ranges available:

450mm deep: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U

550mm deep: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U

650mm deep: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 21U

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