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Fixings and Earthings

Cage Nut Fixings

Bag of 50 M6x16 Screws, 50 Cage Nuts and 50 Black Finishing Washers

Earth Bonding Kits (Earth Spiders)

7 way for 6210 6 way for 7210 5 way for 6250/7250

6210 Baying Kits

Bays 6210 Cabinets together of equal size by fixing to sides of top and bottom end frames

Tough Torqueâ„¢ Fixings

Bag of 50 Pan Head used where cabling is run or Hex head High TorqueT screws for other areas on frame

1u and 2u 4 Loop Jumper Ring Panels are a useful solution to prevent strain on cables whilst allowing a tidy appearance. Jumper ring panels come complete with fixings

Bus Bars

Rack mountable or vertical solid copper Bus Bar with 7mm (giving 6mm clearance) non threaded fixing holes complete with insulated standoffs and fixings.

(Electro Static Discharge Kit)

Personal electro static earth discharge for use when working on static sensitive equipment

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