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Thermal Management Products

19" Rack Mount Fan


Top Cover Fan Tray



Wall Box Top Cover Fan Tray


19 inch Rack Mounted fan tray available in 3 and 6* way as standard, Other options are available please consult sales desk.

It is recommended that 6w versions are bought with chassis runners to prevent distortion.


6210 Top Cover Fan Tray available in 2 and 4 way options without any loss of U Space.

Available in low or high speed versions to assist in the removal of heat.

Also suitable for use in 800d and 1000d 7210 Cabinets.


6250/7250 Top Cover Fan Trays available in 2w option without any loss of U space.

Available in high or low speed versions to assist the removal of heat.

Also suitable for 7210 cabinets which are 600d.

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