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Put simply ColdLogik is a range of cooling solutions designed to maximise uptime while minimising running cost. It is well documented that packaging densities of computer systems are set to continue to increase at the same time processor capacity is growing, the natural consequences; ever greater heat generation. It is also known that 55% of electronic failure is due to temperature with the obvious consequence of system failure, costly down time, revenue stream affected, lack of customer confidence etc. Traditional data centre temperature control systems and concepts have up until the past few years kept pace, but now they're reaching their limitations. Some companies are finally reduced to limiting the amount of equipment being housed within each rack or reducing the number of racks in each room, this might be acceptable in the short term but real estate cost seldom allow this option to be viable in the medium to long term.

It must be every data centre manager's ambition to prevent high on-going operating costs; ensuring levels of efficiency are maintained to the highest levels possible and that operational reliability is guaranteed - all with the single purpose of achieving 'zero downtime'. So, what can be done to overcome the heat problems? The answer cannot be given with one product, but a range of products designed to integrate with each other to provide a scalable modular approach, to deliver a number of logical solutions.

Further Information on ColdLogik™

We are awaiting full specifications on the ColdLogik system. Please bear with us whilst we update the information. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.



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