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KSM can offer a comprehensive product range designed to overcome problems associated with interface mismatch. Some of the interface problems we have solutions for:-

Impedance Matching, connecting twisted pair equipment, typically RJ45, into a coaxial network. The 75 ohm coax presentation is available on BNC, Type43, HDC43, 1.6/5.6 or 1.0/2.3 connectors, converting to 120 ohm twisted pair on RJ45, 50 way Telco, 37 way D or IDC Krone. These Baluns are available as individual Balun Connectors, Balun Panels, with densities as high as 48 x E1 Circuits in 1U of rack space, and Balun Cables, standard or made to measure.

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Balun Adaptors

  1. Single Balun Adaptor
  2. Panel Mount Adaptor
  3. Dual Balun Adaptor
  4. Video Balun Adaptor

Balun Connectors

  1. 1.0/2.3
  2. 1.6/5.6
  3. BNC
  4. Type 43
  5. Straight Attenuators
  6. "T" Attenuators
  7. "U" Link Attenuators
  8. "Y" Link Attenuators

Balun Cables

  1. Balun Fly-Lead
  2. Balun Cable Assemblies

Balun Panels

  1. RJ45 Balun Panels
  2. Telco Balun Panels
  3. IDC Balun Panels
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