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Installation Wallplates

Loaded Face Plates

Our range of wall plates can be used in a variety of places at home, in schools, in offices, in hotels, conference centres, shops for a number of applications from audio visual to pc connection. We aim to provide the wall plate you need to hide your unsightly cables.

Face Plate with Cable Assembly

We stock a wide variety of cables for each of our connectors. You can avoid messy cord bunches and maintain cost efficiency by ordering the cables you need in the lengths that work for you. Or, for those special situations, we can custom-build almost any cable needed to complete your run and attach to your faceplate assembly.

Unloaded (Cut Out Only) Face Plates

These faceplates come with cut outs only, ready for you to load your own connectors into.

Custom Made Face Plates

Whether you need SVGA ports for projectors, USB ports for special computer enclosures, Ethernet ports for clean networking, or anything else, KSM Limited can cut a wall plate with just the right configuration for your application.

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