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Cable Strippers

Modular UTP/STP

KSM Modular Cable Preparation ToolOur universal multifunction cable preparation tool can cut round and flat UTP/STP cables, strip the outer sheath from round and uneven cables using the U or V guide, strip the outer sheath from flat multiconductor cables with the stripping blades next to the cutter position, tool free cutting blade adjustment through randle screw on the top of the tool. Strip cable from 3.2mm to 9mm O/D.

KSM Part Number: H01-23000

Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper

Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper for RG59, RG6, RG58, Thin Ethernet, RG213, Thick EthernetA rotary, 3 blade, coaxial cable stripper. Removes cable jacket, braid and dielectric in one stripping operation. The tool is supplied with an allen key for fine adjustment of the three individual cutting blades. User instructions are supplied with the tool. The stripping dimensions between the blades are 8 mm braid & 4mm dielectric.

RG59 & RG6 - H01-12003

RG58, RG59 & Thin Ethernet - H01-12004

RG213 & Thick Ethernet - H01-12002

Universal Coaxial Cable Stripper

KSM Univeral Coaxial Cable StripperThe 3-level cable stripper is the latest in design and coaxial cable stripping technology. The tool strips most coaxial cable between 4.5 and 7.0 mm without or just small adjustment to the individually fitted blades. The stripping length is factory set, 8.0 mm for the braid and 4.0 mm for the dielectric, but can be adjusted to 6.0 mm for the braid. User instructions are supplied with the tool.

KSM Part Number: H01-12001

CATV Cable Stripper

CATV Coaxial StripperCoaxial cable stripper specifically designed for installation and maintenance of cable systems in the Satellite and CATV industry. The two interchangeable cartridges, supplied with the tool, strip cable RG6/59, CT100 and RG7/11, CT125, CT167. The stripping length for both cartridges are: cable jacket and dielectric .25" (6.4mm). Supplied with user instructions. Spare cartridge holder built into the tool. Replacement cartridges are available

KSM Part Number: H01-12005

Replacement blade cassette (RG7/11): H01-12005A

Replacement blade cassette (RG6/59): H01-12005B

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