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Fibre Optic Tools

Fibre Optic Microscope

Fibre Optic MicroscopeTo complete and determine the quality of a fibre optic connector termination we recommend to use our fibre optic microscope. The compact, lightweight microscope is ideal for on site inspection.

Light passes through the objective lens and the adaptor tip, striking the ferrule perpendicular to the end face. The 400 x magnifications does produce a high level resolutions and excellent detail of fibre damage, scratches and contamination.

KSM Part Number: H09-10000

Polishing Discs

Polishing DiscsThe precision manufactured aluminium polishing discs are anodised with a protective oxide layer and works with all standard fibre connectors.


SC/FC Polishing Discs - H09-10001

ST Polishing Discs - H09-10002

LC Polishing Discs - H09-10003

Two Component Glue

Two Component GlueReplacement for consumable fast Epoxy & Hardener for cold cure Fibre Optic terminations.

KSM Part Number: H09-10004

Pen Cleaver

Pen CleaverThe scribe pen cleaver does propagate a clean fracture to the excess fibre and does minimise the possibility of linear cracks. The carbide cutting blade is mounted in an easy to use penholder and for protection and storage the tool is supplied with a removable snap-on cap.

KSM Part Number: H09-10005

Kevlar Scissors

Kevlar ScissorsThe Kevlar scissors have ergonomic designed non-slip handles and serrated blades for accurate, effortless cutting action.

KSM Part Number: H01-61003

Fibre Optic Termination Kit

Fibre Optic Termination KitThe strong PVC case, external dimensions: 300mm length, 230mm wide, 55mm depth, contains all hand tools and consumable items to terminate ST or SC Fibre Optic Connectors. The Kit is specifically designed for on site terminations or where power is not available. The two component fast curing epoxy glue (resin & hardener) bonds within minutes.

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KSM Part Number: H10-10000

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