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Miscellaneous Tools

F-Connector Termination Aid

F-Connector Termination AidThe tool is designed to reduce termination time and improve connection quality terminating F connectors to RG6 and RG59 cable. The tool is used to flare the braid before fitting the connector to avoid short circuiting and the F sockets aids pushing the plug firmly into the cable before crimping.

KSM Part Number: H09-10006

BNC Connector Removal Tool

BNC Connector Removal ToolTo remove/fit/tighten BNC connector on high density panels or difficult-to-reach locations.

Blade length 310mm - H09-10007

Blade length 410mm - H09-10008

F-Connector Tool

F-Connector ToolThe F-Connector tool has two functions, a 7/16 in. hex socket and 3/8-32 threaded end. The hex socket aids the installation and removal of F-Connectors in hard to reach an crowded conditions.

KSM Part Number: H01-10009

Cable Tie Gun

Cable Tie GunThis metal based tie wrap gun will tighten and cut plastic ties. The cutting edge is 7 mm wide and is suitable for cable tie sizes from 2.2 mm to 4.8 mm.

KSM Part Number: H09-10010

D Type Insertion & Extraction Tool

D Type Insert/Extract ToolTool for inserting and extracting rolled male and female Sub D centre contacts.

KSM Part Number: H09-10011

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