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Punch Down Tools

Termination Punch Down Tool with 110 Blade for AT & T® IDC's

Termination Punch Down tool with 110 bladeHigh quality punch down tool with high and low impact adjuster. Supplied with 110 Blade in lockable storage in handle.  Bayonet style mount allows the blades to be easily and quickly replaced. Spare 110 blade and blades for KRONE LSA-PLUS® and BIX blades are available on request.

KSM Part Number: H05-01001

Replacement 110 Blade - H05-01001A

Replacement Krone LSAPlus Blade - H05-01001B

Replacement Bix Blade - H05-01001C

Krone Inserter

Krone Wire InserterWire inserter 2A for KRONE IDC termination blocks with pull-out hook and blade on the side of the tool.

KSM Part Number: H05-01002

5 Pair S110 Termination Tool

5 Pair S110 Termination ToolConnects up to five pairs in one operation on both the cable side and the cross-connect side of 110 blocks.

Replacement 5 pair S110 cassettes are available.

KSM Part Number: H05-01000

Replacement cassette blade - H05-01000A

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