Home Automation Cables

KNX technology is currently the world’s only open standard allowing products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together for common applications in home and building control.

Lighting control systems function across a number of roles in both residential and commercial properties. They can provide safety and security in outside areas, ambient mood lighting or enhance comfort and productivity where natural lighting is not available.

KNX/EIB Screened Cables

2 Pair LSZH KNX/EIB home automation cable

Available as 1 pair or 2 pair versions these overall foil screened KNX/EIB cables are ideal for interconnecting smart building devices.

KSM Part Number Description Downloads
C17-2001122Z/GN 1 Pair 1/0.8mm Green LSZH Sheath Datasheet
C17-2002122Z/GN 2 Pair 1/0.8mm Green LSZH Sheath Datasheet

Lighting Control Cables

1 Pair and 2 core lighting control cable

Suitable to work with a number of different lighting control systems such as Lutron or Crestron, this cable is a direct alternative to Lutron GRX-CBL-346S Grafik Eye cable.

KSM Part Number Description Downloads
C18-1007/BURD 1 Pair 22 AWG Screened + 2 Core 18 AWG Blue PVC Sheath with Red Polarity Stripe Datasheet