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Economy Figure of 8 Speaker Cables

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Economy Figure 8 Speaker Cable

A range of economy speaker cables with bare copper conductors and polarity line indication.

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KSM Part Number CSA Cable Construction Cable Dimensions Jacket Colour Polarity

Max Current

C15-1D12NP/GB 0.22mm² 2x13/0.15mm 2.0x4.0mm Grey Black 1A
C15-1D12NP/WB 0.22mm² 2x13/0.15mm 2.0x4.0mm White Black 1A
C15-1E12NP/WB 0.74mm² 2x42/0.15mm 3.0x6.0mm White Black 6A
C15-1E12NP/BW 0.74mm² 2x42/0.15mm 3.0x6.0mm Black White 6A
C15-1F12NP/WB 1.40mm² 2x79/0.15mm 4.0x8.0mm White Black 15A
C15-1F12NP/BW 1.40mm² 2x79/0.15mm 4.0x8.0mm Black White 15A
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