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Professional VGA Coaxial Cable

KSM Part Number: C02-1010Z72P/BK

High quality cable for connection of a monitor to a graphics card or VGA splitter or amplifier.

Suitable for covering long distances (depending on graphics card and resolution) with high resolution; with amplifier up to 100m.

Double shielded cable (foil and braid shield) consisting of 3 coax lines for RGB signals and 7x 28AWG wires. Stocked on 100m reels.

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Technical Specifications

Construction 3 Cores Coaxial 7 Cores 7/0.2mm
Conductor Material Tinned Copper Tinned Copper
Stranding 7/0.12mm 7/0.203mm
AWG 28 24
Insulation Material FOPE N-SRPVC
Nom. Radial Thickness 0.62mm 0.23mm
Nom. Overall Diameter 1.60±0.05mm 1.10±0.03mm
Screen Material Tinned Copper  
Stranding 42/0.12mm  
Coverage 99%  
Collective Overlap 25% Face Outside  
Drain Wire AWG 24  
Drain Wire Size 7/0.203mm  
Braid Coverage 65%  
Jacket Nom. Radial Thickness 0.76mm  
Nom. Overall Diameter 8.50 ± 0.20mm  
Material PVC  
Colour Black  
Weight 110kg/km  


Colour Code
3 Core Coaxial 7 Core 7/0.2mm
1 Red 4 Green
2 Green 5 Grey
3 Blue 6 White
    7 Brown
    8 Red
    9 Yellow
    10 Orange

KSM Part Number: C02-1010Z72P/BK

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