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Overall Foil & Braid Single Core Belden Type Cables

KSM Limited can offer a wide range of cables manufactured to the same specification of their Belden counterparts, offering a cost effective solution to many wiring problems. If you cannot find what you are looking for call the sales office on 0115 968 3540.

9880 | 9907 | 9913

Belden Alternative 9880

12 AWG solid Coaxial Cable for Thicknet 10Base5 Ethernet.

KSM Product Group: C03-1001171


Belden Alternative 9907

20 AWG Stranded Coaxial Cable for Thinnet 10Base2 Ethernet.

KSM Product Group: C03-1001552

Belden Alternative 9913

50 ohm RG8 Type Cable.

KSM Product Group: C03-1001Z72

0115 968 3540