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IEC Mains Assemblies

We are able to offer the service from a manufacturing facility encompassing the full range of world wide power and IEC cord sets which are manufactured to the requirements of international approval bodies and are available from UK stock. We are able to supply UK, Schuko (European), USA, Danish, South African, Swiss, Italian, Australian, Japanese and IEC Plugs all to IEC sockets and also to free ends if required. We can also supply figure 8 sockets, C7 sockets and many more specialised power leads.

To aid with your selection, please find below a guide to the various connector types available:

International Standardized Appliance Connectors (IEC-60320) Reference Chart

Picture Connector Name

Rated Current (Amps)

Equipment Class Rated Temperature

C1 - Female

C2 - Male

0.2 II 65°C

C3 - Female

C4 - Male

2.5 0 65°C

C5 - Female

C6 - Male

2.5 I 65°C

C7 - Female

C8 - Male

2.5 II 65°C

C9 - Female

C10 - Male

6 II 65°C

C11 - Female

C12 - Male

10 0 65°C

C13 - Female

C14 - Male

10/15 I 65°C

C15 - Female

C16 - Male

10/15 I 120°C

C15A - Female

C16A - Male

10/15 I 155°C

C17 - Female

C18 - Male

10/15 II 65°C

C19 - Female

C20 - Male

16/20 I 65°C

C21 - Female

C22 - Male

16/20 I 155°C

C23 - Female

C24 - Male

16/20 II 65°C
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