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BT Coaxial Cables

BT2003 and BT3002 Coaxial CablesKSM Limited stock a range of 75 Ohm small coaxials in accordance to British Telecom specifications CW1229C and CW1383A.

Mainly used for indoor installation in the transmission equipment for the digital telephone exchange system. Due to their miniature size they can also be used for other applications where high performance is essential.

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BT2002 Coaxial Cables

BT2002 is one of the early BT spec cables, originally used for 2M/Bit/s connections but will support higher data rates due to its high specification & large copper inner conductors.

KSM Product Group: C07-B2002

BT2003 Coaxial Cables

Solid centre cores and a double braided copper screen. Used for interconnection of data or telecoms equipment. Generally used for data rates of 34, 45, 140 & 155MBit/s where the use BT3002 would impose severe distance limitations.

KSM Product Group: C07-B2003

BT3002 Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables with a solid center core & a double braided tinned copper screen. Used for interconnection of data or telecoms equipment, it conforms to the requirements of BT specification CW1383A.

Available as single core, dual core (shotgun) and other multicore varieties.

KSM Product Group: C07-B3002

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