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BT3002 Coaxial Cables

BT2003 and BT3002 Coaxial CablesKSM Limited stock a range of 75 Ohm BT3002 coaxials in accordance to British Telecom specifications.

Mainly used for indoor installation in the transmission equipment for the digital telephone exchange system. Due to their miniature size they can also be used for other applications where high performance is essential.

Aside from the standard single core version, we are also able to provide the multicore types, including Dual Core (Shotgun Style) making it perfect to use in G.703 applications for true optimum performance. 8 and 16 Multi core versions are also available.

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KSM Product Group: C07-B3002

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Technical Specifications

Cable Construction

Conductor: 1/0.31mm
Conductor Material: Solid Plain Copper
Conductor Diameter: 0.31mm
Dielectric Material: Solid Polyethylene
Dielectric Diameter: 1.95mm
Shield: 2x Braid
Braid Material: 2 x Tinned Copper Wire
Overall Diameter: Single Core: 3.6mm
  Dual Core: 2 x 3.6mm
  8 Core: 16mm
  16 Core: 20.5mm


Sheath Options

KSM Part Number Description
C07-B300201P/WH BT3002 Single Core White PVC
C07-B300201P/BK BT3002 Single Core Black PVC
C07-T7502401P/BK TZC75024 Single Core Black PVC
C07-B300201L/WH BT3002 Single Core White LSF
C07-B300201Z/WH BT3002 Single Core White LSZH
C07-B300202P/WH BT3002 Dual Core White PVC
C07-B300208P/WH BT3002 8 Core White PVC
C07-B300208Z/WH BT3002 8 Core White LSZH
C07-T7502408Z/BK TZC75024 8 Core Core Black LSZH
C07-B300216P/WH BT3002 16 Core White PVC
C07-B300216L/WH BT3002 16 Core White LSF
C07-B300216Z/WH BT3002 16 Core White LSZH
C07-T7502416Z/BK TZC75024 16 Core Black LSZH

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