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RG179 Coaxial Cable (Stranded Conductor)

KSM Part Number: C07-R179

Technical Specifications

Cable Construction

Conductor Construction: 7 x 0.127mm
  Diameter: 0.38mm
  Material: Tinned Copper
Insulation Diameter: 1.60mm ± 0.03mm
  Thickness: 0.61mm ± 0.10mm
  Material: Gas Injected Foam Polyethelyne
Shield Type: Single Braid
  Construction: 6 x 16 x 0.10mm
  Material: Tinned Copper
  Coverage: 97 ± 2%
Sheath Minimum Thickness: ≥ 0.35mm ± 0.20mm
  Overall Diameter: 2.55mm ± 0.10mm


Electrical Characteristics

Max Conductor DC Resistance at 20°C:
210 Ω/Km
Min Insulation DC Resistance at 20°C: > 100 MΩ *Km
Rated Temperature:
80 °C
Rated Voltage:
30 V
67 pF/m
Velocity Ratio:
82 ± 5%
75 ± 5Ω


Attenuation at 20°C (dB/100m)

10 MHz 6.00
100 MHz 19.50
200 MHz 28.00


Sheath Options

KSM Part Number Description
C07-R179T01L/BK Black LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) Outer Jacket
C07-R179T01Z/BK Black LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Outer Jacket
C07-R179T01E/BK Black PE (Polyethelyne) Outer Jacket


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