Equipment & Hook Up Wires

Power distribution block showing hook up wire in situ.

Single core insulated wires ideal for use as internal panel wiring in electrical cabinets, switch control, relay and instrumentation panels or switchgear.

Available in a wide range of conductor sizes, sheath materials and colours, temperature ratings and approval standards.

Alongside the standard products we can also supply bi-colours, tri-colours and twisted wires on request

UL Wires

Wires certified to various UL standards available in a range of colours and wire gauges.

Defence Standard Wires

Single wires generally to Defence Standard 61-12 Part 6 Type 2 and 3 and BS4808.

Tri-rated Wires

Approved to BS 6231 Type CK, UL Style and CSA Type.

High Temperature Wires

A range of fluoropolymer insulated wires suitable for high temperature applications.