Control Flex Cables

A range of flexible PVC insulated and sheathed cables, manufactured in accordance with various international standards. They are particularly suitable for use as power, control, signal or data processing cables and are used extensively in machine tool, construction, food processing, engineering and many other industrial applications. The range consists of both colour coded and number coded cores, in various counts and sizes with a number of sheath options.

In additional to the products mentioned above we can supply a number of other cables from the control flex range including specialist versions. Please contact the sales team with your requirements.

YY Control Cable

Image of 5 Core YY Control Flexible Cable

YY cables are a versatile unscreened cable suitable for most indoor environments where only light mechanical stress is likely to be encountered.

CY Control Cable

Image of 5 Core CY Control Flexible Cable

CY cables are particularly suitable for use in electrically “noisy” areas. They make use of a tinned copper wired braid (TCWB) which acts as a screen against signal leakage and external electromagnetic interference. The braid also provides a degree of mechanical protection against light stress.

SY Control Cable

Image of 3 Core SY Control Flexible Cable

SY cables have triple protection which enables them to resist many hostile environments. The PVC outer sheath and tinned steel wire braid (TSWB) not only provides a high degree of mechanical protection and effective electrical screening, but also gives the cable exceptional flexibility in comparison to other armoured style cables.