External & Armoured Telephone Cables

We are able to offer a number of options for telephone cables to be used externally, in ducts or even directly buried in suitably prepared ground.

CW1308B Internal/External LSZH Cable

CW1308 External Low Smoke Zero Halogen Telephone Cable

Similar in construction to CW1308 this cable has a Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath and a moisture barrier in the form of a polyester aluminium tape.

CW1128/CW1198 Gel Filled Armoured Cable

CW1128 Gel filled telephone cable

UV resistant and suitable for use in adverse weather environments CW1128 has a tough Polyethylene sheath and conductors bedded in Petroleum Jelly for moisture resistance. For additional protection CW1198 comes with a Galvanised Steel Wire Armour (GSWA).