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Electrical Underfloor Heating

The floor heating that suits you – in renovation or construction

Invisible comfort & safety

Floor heating systems do not take up any space. Rugs, furniture and carpets can be placed wherever desired.

Dry floors are hygienic and easy to clean as the dust doesn’t ‘stick’ to the floor. 
There is less air movement, hence less dust. 
Wet floors in bathrooms will also dry much faster. 
Raychem systems emit the lowest possible electro-magnetic fields thanks to their twin-wire construction. 

Ease of use

A complete product bag to suit every need

Raychem floor heating products are available in different shapes, sizes and power outputs to fit all room sizes, shapes and heat requirements. We can advise on product selection, material lists and provide 2D or 3D installation plans. Raychem floor heating has been tested and approved to be used with common building materials.

Fast installation

Energy efficient and maintenance free operation

Lower the room thermostat by 2 degrees without losing the comfort feeling. 
Uniform heat distribution allows for a lower thermostat setting without any loss of comfort. Electric floor heating systems are installed close to the floor surface to provide heat quickly. The systems are switched on when needed only. The programmable NRG-TEMP thermostat can learn when it needs to switch on to make the floor warm when needed. 
The self-regulating cable lowers its heat output automatically when it senses other heating sources e.g. sun shining on the floor near a window.

Insulation boards can reduce energy consumption by more than 20%: All Raychem systems can be combined with an insulation layer for additional energy savings. Insulation boards shorten the heat-up time. And they avoid downward heat losses on insufficiently insulated subfloors e.g. in older buildings.

Electric floor heating systems are almost maintenance free as there are no moving parts. All Raychem floor heating systems come with a 12 year Total Care Warranty. It can even be extended to 20 years when the system is installed by a Certified Pro installer.

Accessories for Underfloor Heating

Floor Primers

Adhesives & Fixing Accessories

Thermostats & Spare Sensors

Isolecta Energy Saving Insulation Boards

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