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Frost Protection for Gutters & Downpipes

Melting and refreezing of ice can damage roofs and gutters. Heavy icicles may fall and cause injury. Standing water can leak through interior walls and furnishings. The Raychem self-regulating snow melting system maintains water flow in gutters and drain pipes and provides a path whereby melting ice and snow can drain safely off the roof, along the gutter and down the drain pipe.

Practical to install

The self-regulating cable can be closely spaced in gutters without the risk for overheating or burn-outs. There is a cable for each type of roof material.

Economical to operate

The self-regulating effect saves energy by automatically increasing its heat output in icy water and decreasing its output in dry air. The smart EMDR-10 control unit only switches the heating cable on when necessary: after the detection of both low temperature and moisture.

Please see our dedicated trace heating website for information about Frost Protection

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