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Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

Providing the comfort of instant hot water is the key requirement of any modern hot water system. The Raychem single-pipe system keeps water at the right temperature in a building’s water distribution pipe work. The intelligent system first keeps the investment cost low and then it operates economically and efficiently.

A hygienic system

Less water volume and less heat loss in the pipe work assure for less bacteriological problems.

A flexible and space-saving system

The space requirement for pipes has been reduced because there are no return pipes. Risers, shafts and openings can be minimised freeing space for other services.

Low investment costs

The heating cable is simply fixed on the supply pipe. There is no need for return pipe work, valves or pumps, nor for complex design and balancing work associated with return systems.

Lower power consumption

The heat loss in the system is lower as only the heat loss from the feed pipe (and not from the return pipe) is to be compensated for. There is also no power requirement for circulation pumps. The single-pipe system can be used with a smaller boiler and as there is no cold return water coming in the boiler, the heat-up of the water is more efficient. The intelligent HWAT-ECO control unit saves power e.g. it can lower the temperature or switch off the during water consumption peaks.

No maintenance costs

The system has no mechanical parts such as a recirculation pump or control valves. There are no parts to wear out.

Please see our dedicated trace heating website for information about Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

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