Featured Products

KSM Ltd is pleased to present a range of cable accessory products now available to compliment our general cable range.

Heat Shrink

Different colours and sizes heat shrink available

Big or small and available in a number of colour options, our heat shrink is perfect for your insulation or identification requirements. We are happy to supply easy to use mini-boxes or mixed kits, as well bulk reel quantities.

Cable Ties

Different colours and sizes of cable ties available

Where would we be without the humble cable tie? Inexpensive and simple to use, these mainstays of cable management are a must have for any workshop or engineer’s toolbox. Available as basic nylon through to UV resistant or metal detectable variants, all to suit any application.

Wire Markers

Different colours and sizes of wire markers available

Instant onsite cable identification at your fingertips. Choose from pre-printed characters in a variety of formats or even have your own custom markers created. We can help you find the right selection for wires ranging from 1mm diameter up to 16mm.

Crimp Terminals

Different variaties of crimp terminals available

From ring terminals to quick splices you’ll be sure to find a terminal to suit your needs amongst our extensive range of insulated and un-insulated connections. Enjoy a winning combination of assured high quality and competitive pricing.

Braid Sheathing

Different sizes of braid sheathing available

Braid sheathing provides protection as well as a means to enclose and organise cables in a multitude of industry applications. The flexible woven design facilitates cable breakouts and the high quality polyester is self extinguishing to UL94 VW1.


Different types of tooling available

We can supply economy crimpers for small batch production or hydraulic tools for heavy duty workloads. Be sure to also order cable cutters and wire strippers to complete your assembly preparation toolkit.