Other Products & Services

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We’re currently in the process of updating the website so please expect to see new content available soon. In the meantime please see below an overview of the additional products and services we can offer not currently shown.

Equipment Wire & Hook-Up Wire

We stock Defence standard, Tri rated and UL listed equipment wires. High temperature PTFE, PFA, ETFE and similar are available on request.

Pyrotenax (Pyro) MICC

Pyro mineral insulated cable creates a permanent and dependable wiring cable system and is safe for use in hazardous areas and radioactive environments.

Pyrotenax MICC Cables

Other Cables

KSM are agents for a number of world-wide specialist manufacturers and therefore are able to source cables for practically any application. Please contact the sales team with your requirements.

Connectors, Accessories & Tooling

We provide modular connectors, strain reliefs, D types and hoods, coaxial connectors, crimp terminals and bootlace ferrules. We can also supply a large range of cable ties, heat shrink and braid sleeving.

We also stock tools for preparation, termination and testing, including cut, strip and crimp tools for modular, coaxial and D type connectors.

Other Services

Cable Dyeing, Striping and Twisting

Custom Cable Manufacturing

Custom Cable Assembly

Oversheathing & Armouring