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Custom Cable Design & Manufacture

Whatever type of cable you need, we can provide a bespoke solution for your needs.

Existing Cables

Existing cables can be laid up and manipulated to form a single cable. This includes cables of different conductor sizes and different combinations of data, control and power cables. Once laid up together we can provide various screening, armouring and oversheathing options exactly as you need them.

Outer Sheath Colour Changing

The colour of PVC outer sheaths can be changed by dyeing.

Over Sheathing

Any standard cable can be oversheathed with different materials to make it suitable for use in different environments, in most cases the existing sheath can be removed prior to over sheathing if required, in order to keep to a similiar size as the original specification.

Braiding & Armouring

Mechanical protection to existing cables can be provided by adding either a Galvanised Steel Wire Braid, or a Steel Wire Armour. Either option is then oversheathed your choice of outer sheath material. Protection from electrical interference can be provided by the addition of metallic screens.

Custom Designed Cables

If it is not an existing cable, KSM Limited can still help... Cables can be designed to your own specifications and at the right price, with short lead times whilst manufactured to an ISO:9001 accredited level of quality. We are able to have manufactured a wide range of special purpose cables with a minimum order quantity as low as 500 metres so whether your application requires non-standard core configurations, improved flexibility or the ability to perform in harsh environments, we are able to take you through design, prototyping to full manufacture.

Retractable Cables (Curly Cords)

KSM can supply a wide range of retractable cables suitable for all applications. Cables are carefully designed to your requirements to give maximum performance and life. Depending on the intended use, cables may be manufactured with copper or tinsel cores and sheathed in a choice of polymers.

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